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Thanksgiving Turkey AND Pork Share Reservations

Our Thanksgiving turkeys are pasture raised, never any hormones or antibiotics.  Our non-GMO turkey feed was created specifically for Camman Acres, by a local farmer who crafted a special blend in order to meet our high standards.

We request a $25 deposit. Final cost is $4.95/lb minus the $25 deposit.

Our promise is to provide your family with the purest, most old fashioned, farm fresh, delicious Thanksgiving turkey.  

 NOW taking deposits for Pork Shares

1 Share = 1/2 Hog $4.99/lb

1 Share ~ 60-90 lbs of various cuts of pork including BACON!!!!

We request a $75 deposit which helps us with upfront feed and processing fees.  This amount is also taken off your final payment.

The best part... We go through the cut sheet with you. Each share is customized and smoked to your liking. 

(Interested, but not sure..Shoot us an email and we'll send you the cut sheet to look over)

 Click HERE to Reserve your Thanksgiving Turkey and Pork Share



Our Farming methods: We believe in and follow sustainable farming practices. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of farming & land-management ethics. 



Farm Events

Are you interested in learning more about our farming practices?  Send us an email and we will invite you to our next event!