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What does "Pasture Raised" mean?

Camman Acres Pastured Chicken

Non-GMO ~ Free Range ~ Pasture Raised


Here at Camman Acres our chickens live a far different lifestyle than what you buy in the store...

Small farms, such as ours, have the unique ability to offer more care to each animal and grow them in ways that just aren’t feasible on factory farms.

We only raise our birds in the summer months, which allows the birds to be outside in the fresh air with a natural living environment.

free range

Our birds live and sleep in fresh grass everyday keeping them healthy and clean from start to finish. 

No hormones and no antibiotics, of any kind.

This means that our birds take a little longer to grow to full size and the production cost is a bit higher. Fine with us, a small inconvenience for the incredible taste and healthfulness that we bring to the table.

Aside from fresh pasture and sunshine, we do supplement our chickens with natural non-GMO grains, which are also grown locally by another family farm!

Thank you for supporting all local and sustainable farms!


The Camman Acres Crew


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